Mahesh Bhatt From Parveen Babi to Rhea Chakraborty

Mahesh Bhatt From Parveen Babi to Rhea Chakraborty. Actress Rhea Chakraborty apparently had a WhatsApp conversation with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt on June 8th, which is currently touring on multiple websites, TV channels and social media. The chat seemed to imply that she told him that she was leaving her boyfriend the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput that day.

Mahesh Bhatt From Parveen Babi to Rhea Chakraborty

Mahesh Bhatt From Parveen Babi to Rhea Chakraborty
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The WhatsApp conversation between Rhea and Bhatt also hinted at the fact that her father might be dissatisfied with her relationship with Sushant, and Bhatt had advised her against it.

The chat has been going on since the chat was first exclusively released on “India Today” on Thursday evening.

According to the screenshot of the chat with the channel, Rhea sent a message to Bhatt: “Aisha keeps going with a heavy heart and a relieved heart. Sir.” Aisha is Rhea’s name and she is co-produced by Mahesh Bhatt The 2018 movie “Jalebi”.

In the next message, Rhea wrote: “Our last call was a wake-up call.”

The subsequent message read: “You are my angel, you were then, you are now.”

Bart answered in two separate emails: “Don’t look back. Make the inevitable possible” and “My love for your father. He will be a happy man.”

According to the chat screenshot shared by “India Today”, Rhea then wrote: “With some courage, what you said to my father on the phone made me strong for him. He sent you love and thanked you forever So special.”

Bart replied: “You are my child. I feel relaxed.”

Rhea went on to write: “Ah, sir, I have nothing to say. I think I have the best feelings for you.”

In response, Battalion wrote: “Thank you for your bravery.”

For this reason, Rhea said in another message: “Thank you for your destiny, I know you”; “You are right”, “Our road meets today”; and “Not for a movie, but with Something different, every word you say to me echoes on me, and I feel the profound influence of your unconditional love.”

The report of “India Today” also pointed out that Rhea shared rainbows and emojis of dancing girls to express her happiness at all stages of the conversation.

The conversation on WhatApp continued, Rhea wrote: “I love you, my best man”; and “makes you proud”.

Bart replied with an expression of folded hands: “You have. That’s true. It takes courage to do what you do. Don’t look back.”

Sushant Singh Rajput, Rhea’s boyfriend, was found dead at his home on June 14. The family of the deceased actor subsequently filed an FIR accusing the actress and her family of suicide as a pointer, among other allegations. CBI has taken over the investigation of this case.